Family ties

My family is visiting me.  Mom, Dad, two Aunts, Butters and I, camped out around my one-bedroom apartment.

You’d think it would be uncomfortable.  In fact, before they arrived, I worried about the lack of space.  However, it’s surprisingly comfortable.  As I sit in the enclosed writing space, my family is in the living room talking about “adult” things.  With their arrival, I feel like a little girl again; everyone is taking care of me in a variety of ways.

Since Mom arrived, the place has never been cleaner.  In the 24 hours she has been here, she cleaned every square inch of the apartment.  Mom has scrubbed, scraped and polished every surface. Apparently, the one hour cleaning session before they got here wasn’t enough.

Aunties brought a cooler full of Korean ingredients since I had forewarned them about the lack of Korean grocery stores in the area.  They stocked my cabinet full of goodies.  There are jars of homemade “banchan” (Korean side dishes) in my fridge for the first time in years.

Dad has given Butters so much attention they have bonded overnight.  I could have slept in this morning since he walked Butters for me. Without me having to ask him.

As I write this, one Auntie decided to Swiffer the floors (this makes it the fourth time today.)

Soft lighting, the moon above, Korean language spoken in the background…makes for a cozy and safe writing sanctuary.

Family Ties


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