I didn’t have a sister growing up.  I longed for one though.  I wanted her to show me the way…teach me to apply makeup, buy the right clothes.  But mostly, I wanted a sister who could provide a sense

Rather than being guided, I became the trailblazer, the eldest of two, who also had the responsibility of taking care of younger cousins. As a result, I learned how to be accountable; to take care of others.

What I didn’t have a chance to experience first hand was the bond between sisters.

Over the past week while my family was visiting, I witnessed my Emos (Aunties) and Umma (Mom) and their unique bond.  Sure, they have moments of complaining about one another.  Yet there’s also a sense of unity and acceptance.

One day, as the we were ready to eat, Umma went into the kitchen to clean.  Emo yelled in her direction, “What are you doing cleaning? Come eat!” Taken at face value, this could come across as disrespectful.

But below the surface, the real message is, “We need you to be with us, at this table.”

The five of us took a ride in my neighbor-friend’s car to the Farmer’s Market.  Dad sat in the front.  Two Emos, Umma and I squeezed into the backseat.  Luckily, the rear windows were tinted.  My friend
was impressed by their ability to be close on many levels.  And after this week, I have a greater appreciation for the meaning of sisterhood.

Umma and Emos walking along the beach.



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