One magical Christmas when I was eight, I received an RV made for Barbie.

The RV was blue with a bright orange awning and smelled like plastic. Barbie’s RV epitomized freedom and adventure. From that day on, my dream was to explore the United States with the wind in my hair, dog by my side, notebooks on the floor.

This is a story about road tripping with a dog named Butters in an Airstream Bambi: the good, the bad and the beautiful things we see.

You can read about the Airstream acquisition process, trip planning and the ongoing revelations of owning a trailer under Airstream Bambi Info. You can read about our trips under Airstream Bambi Trips.

Writing keeps me (somewhat) sane so you will see a section entitled Elixir. These are posts that don’t fit into any of the other categories but come from my heart.

A special thank you to friends & family who have supported my writing since the beginning. Without you, I would not have evolved as a writer and more importantly, as a human being.

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