Saving face

I was thinking back to the time when we were young and invincible.

When you’re a kid and someone asks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You proudly answer, “Doctor!” or “President!” or “Singer!” Without missing a beat.

There is great conviction in our voices when we’re little.  We are unstoppable.  We don’t know the details or logistics involved in becoming doctors, etc., however, we are sure we’ll become a

This belief in yourself gets lost along the way.  Something happens beginning 6th grade.  Our confidence gets pummeled in middle school as we attempt to keep rampant hormones in check.

There are many hurdles to overcome during these years.  Some of us experience first visits from “Aunt Flo.”  Others furiously pop zits in the hazy bathroom mirror in between classes.

Voices crack, pant bottoms flood, and boys grow fuzzy mustaches they can’t shave or pluck.  Some girls’ bosoms blossom, while the unlucky ones (me) wear training bras for two more years.

Most of our strong ego deteriorates during middle school.  By the time we get to 9th grade, we are cautious about how we present ourselves to the opposition.  Once we enter high school, we’ve cultivated a poker face to survive.  This poker face takes a great deal of effort because it doesn’t come naturally for us.

Sometimes I wonder, isn’t it better to be yourself, to speak your mind, to carry the face you want to carry?

If you’re bored, demonstrate that you’re bored.

If you’re annoyed, show you’re annoyed.

If someone tells you that your goals are ridiculous, make this face…

Photo of me, pre-poker face.


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