A colleague/friend of mine has his laptop set up so he can stand while he types. Not all day, but when he feels the need to stretch out. He and I discussed the recent buzz about how human beings were not made to sit for long periods of time. This makes sense given some of our ancestors were nomads, always on the go, searching for food and shelter. As much as we have evolved, there are some things we cannot change. The desire to move around and explore is in my blood.

I never had a desire to have a house with a white picket fence. It was hard to think about plunking down money for a house I would stay in for 40-50 years. While I respect and admire people who own homes and grow their families, I didn’t feel compelled to do the same.

You know that U2 song, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for?” Bono’s got my number. I haven’t found exactly what it is that I’m looking for and I’m on the hunt. I’m not implying that the Airstream is the answer. But I know the Airstream lifestyle is something I want to try for a while. I’m pretty certain I am in for a big surprise when I hit the road. Whether the surprise is good or bad, who knows. I will find out.

It’s no wonder I was drawn to the VW Touareg as my tow vehicle.  t turns out, Touareg is the name of the nomadic people in Africa.

2013 VW Touareg, TDI with 7700 lbs tow capacity.  Ready to hitch up my Bambi.


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