Bambi comes home

I woke up in a cool, silvery cocoon. I had almost forgotten where I was.

I realized I was at the campsite where I met Yvette and Jim, long time RVers who welcomed me into their group of friends. 

It was time to make a cappuccino and I opened the curtains to let in the morning sun. There was a gang of peacocks surveying the site.

When it was time to leave, Jim & Evette offered to take me to Camping World so I could pick up some essentials. They assured me that Camping World would become my favorite place to shop. They were right. The store has everything to organize and stock your trailer. I could have spent all afternoon there but needed get to the RV storage place before they closed. 

After shopping, Jim, Evette and I said our good-byes and promised to meet up at another campsite. I greatly appreciate all of their help. They were fun, accommodating and very encouraging. 

Jim and Evette, in front of Bambi.

I made it to the RV storage place just before they closed. I spent some time securing the trailer. I had to put away pins, chains, a sway bar, weight distribution hitch and tie down miscellaneous other parts. Once the trailer was locked up, I headed toward San Francisco.

As I think back, Bambi Acquisition Day (and the days following) turned out to be a success. For the first time in my life, I towed a 4,500 pound trailer for the through the Grapevine, 152 and eventually up the Sunol Grade. This short experience made me feel empowered and I feel like I can take on anything.

I look forward to hitching up for my next adventure, wherever it may take me.

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