Bambi Boot Camp (Day Two)

I’ve learned something about waking up in nature…the birds are really loud. 6:30 on a Saturday and I was up with the blue jays.

Rise and shine!

A jolt.

Hello there, squirrels.

Hiking treasures.

Get out of my shot, Butters.

Lake Del Valle.

Post-hike sleepiness.

After exploring the campsite, I continued reading the Airstream owner’s manual along with a book I purchased on Kindle entitled, The Newbie’s Guide to Airstreaming.

I was stumped by the mysterious door that led to the potable water. I wondered, isn’t the city water the same as the potable water?

I am so glad I read carefully because the potable water tank is separate from the city water inlet. The city water inlet, is exactly that. An inlet for the free flowing water. This is used when I’m at a camp site with this option. I would have embarrassed myself had I proceeded to put water into the city inlet. Other campers would surely point fingers and say, “Newbie.”

I searched the exterior of the Airstream and found the locked potable water door. I’m sure the dealership showed this to me but during the orientation, I was so concerned with learning how to hitch properly that I didn’t remember this bit of information.

I filled a large jug with water and made a funnel out of a rolled up paper plate and I had fresh water again! Matt, the man who helped me back up, saw me and gave me one of his funnels.

In the afternoon, I fixed a couple of things. One was the power converter box that was below the mini-closet. The box was not screwed in properly to the frame so the whole thing was tilted. I figured a way to unscrew this power converter box away from the frame and readjusted it. In hindsight, I probably should have shut off all of the power before I removed something called a “power converter box” but I am writing this now, so I did something right.

The last thing on my boot camp list was backing up Bambi into the storage spot. When I stored her there a few weeks ago, I was able to pull through someone else’s spot so it was a non-issue. I thought about how early I needed to take off the following day so I would have enough time to back up the trailer…

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  1. Yea- shutting off power and disconecting the battery is a must – if you are working in and or around a "POWER BOX"Hopefully the Airstream comes complete with a "DEFIBULATOR" and someone who know how to use it …..Hee. Hee

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