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My Touareg is undergoing a major fuel system replacement operation. In the meantime, Airstream Bambi is tucked away under trees, next to friends, near my office and the dog park.

In the Airstream, I have amenities that allow me to cook, shower, stream the latest episodes of “Arrested Development.” More importantly, I can make my daily cappuccino. Bambi is my portable mini-studio. I’ve been in Santa Barbara for a week now and this is the longest I’ve been “glamping” in Bambi. After the initial shock of Sunday night when the Touareg broke down, this current experience has been comfortable, fun and also productive.

As you know, I bought the Bambi used (2008 International model) from Airstream Los Angeles. What you probably don’t know is that because trailers move and vibrate, things need to be replaced or tightened. Screws loosen up, switches get stuck or hairbrushes go flying across the trailer during travel.

When I bought the trailer, the stove fan & light needed to be replaced because the on/off switch was stuck. The new unit didn’t come in on time and the dealership shipped the unit to me. Upon receipt, I attempted to replace it myself: I took screws out and tried to attached the power wires. Unfortunately, the new unit clipped in whereas the old unit was cinched to the wire. I am probably not describing this situation correctly but the bottom line is, I didn’t have the right tools to replace the stove fan.

Lucky for me, my friend Troy has tools for all seasons and possesses electrical knowledge so within ten minutes he replaced the overhead light and fan.


I hope this isn’t alluding to anything important.


As for Butters, she seems to be enjoying this extended glamping experience. She goes to doggy day care while I’m at work, we play at the beach with big dogs after work and she has recently claimed my bed for herself.


Dogs learn to adapt to their environment. They don’t complain…they are in the moment and trust their instincts. Perhaps in the two years I’ve had her, she’s taught me a few things. Breath, sit, wait, be in the moment and good things will happen.


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