Bodie: the little town that could (for a little while)

A dusty stretch of road leads to the town located 30 miles northeast of Mono Lake. Bodie is an official “Wild West Ghost Town” and maintained by a non-profit group endeavoring to keep its history alive. From 1859 to 1912, Bodie experienced great wealth.

At the height of the mining boom, the town had a population of 8,000 people.

Now, just traces of people’s lives remain.

When I looked into the deserted homes, I couldn’t help but feel like a voyeur. Pots left on the stove, shredded curtains on the windows, coiled bed frames exposed. It was eerie.

It’s one of those places I’m glad I visited but not sure if I would go back. There is sadness about this town…left naked in the sun.

Photos taken with Fujifilm Finepix X100. B&W has been edited. The rest have not.


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