And I thank you

I know it will be Thanksgiving soon and I don’t mean to disparage the pilgrims but I can’t stand turkey. I also know that Thanksgiving is not about wearing pants with elastic waist bands and watching endless hours of football (the American kind). Thanksgiving is really about expressing gratitude. Any way you choose to express it. Words, actions, e-cards…whatever works for you. I will do it right here.

I am grateful for the fact that each time I take Airstream Bambi out, I am constantly surprised by the actions of strangers. Sometimes the strangers and I stay in touch or we part ways but I always take something away from our interaction. My aluminum shell, Airstream Bambi, helps me to connect with others in ways that I could not have imagined.

When we’re away from the barriers of office walls and out in nature with nothing between us, people are more open, receptive and generous. It’s as if they want the best for me, even though they don’t know me. During my travels, strangers have asked me to join their BBQ, have drinks around the fire with them, offered to help me back up the trailer, gave tips about the RV/trailer lifestyle.

Even though I take Bambi into the woods to “get away,” I don’t end up escaping from people; I end up appreciating others even more. And realize I am not all alone in this world. There’s a friendly face around the bend, willing to help, connect and guide me into my spot.


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  1. this is such a great post as I wait to pick up my airstream this weekend to begin my grand adventure. Everything you describe is what I am searching for in my next year of travel. I hope that I can bestow this same feeling of community and good on the others around me as well. Safe travels, big adventures, much kindness!

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