A little help from my Airstream friends

How do we define friends in this digital world?

By friends I mean those who you rely on to get information or advice. I am grateful I can connect with hundreds of friends on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and ask for anything I need.

And believe it or not, Instagram can be a useful tool. Through my little iPhone screen, I routinely connect to Airstreamers and RV-ers who have been traveling way longer than I have. I know people who travel full-time with their partners, families and dogs and others who do it part-time on the weekends. I’ve learned so much from fellow travelers’ posts. They share valuable information about where they’ve been and how they got there.

One couple in particular, Amanda and Tim, (http://www.watsonswander.com/) seem to be adventurous. They spend a lot of time in the AZ desert so I reached out to Tim about places where I can boondock. He sent me GPS coordinates for a remote camping location in Sedona, Arizona.

Since I didn’t know how to enter longitude and latitude into the Touraeg’s GPS system, I crossed my fingers and did my best to try and find this boondocking location.

Yes, we drove down another primitive road covered with reddish pink gravel.

Yes, the Touareg shook violently.

Yes, I wondered if I would drive us off a cliff.

But we made it.

And thanks to the Watsons, our free campsite was scenic, inspiring and made me appreciate the generous people like them, who are willing to share their stories.

Thank you, friends!

Sedona, AZ.
Photos taken with FujiFilm Finepix X100




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  1. So glad the spot worked out for you! We have also found that a wealth of knowledge can be gained through other travelers. Many of our favorite places have been discovered this way.

  2. On your next trip to AZ let us know. There’s a great boondocking site near the Vulture Mine. Loved parking the Airstream near all the Saguaros this year.

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