Beyond the shadow of a doubt

There’s something I didn’t tell you…about how I ended up in Seattle after my month-long Airstream trip. When I started the multi-state journey in February, I didn’t know what I’d be doing beyond that month.

The only thing I knew was after traveling, I would go back to California and help my Mom get settled into a new apartment. By April, I would be off…somewhere. Maybe a new city or a new state. Or continue traveling with Butters & Bambi. There were lots of unknowns. I had many questions and few answers.

The only definitive answer was…there would be changes ahead.

During the Airstream trip, I received a call from Microsoft about a job opportunity. They found me on LinkedIn. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work. But I kept an open mind so I could learn more. I did the phone interview sitting in my Touareg at an RV site while Butters, Rosie and Jay were in the Airstream behind me. The phone conversation went well. My curiosity was piqued and we scheduled an in-person meeting.

Two days after the Airstream trip, I flew to Seattle for an in-person interview. It was my first time visiting. I couldn’t imagine living or working there because it was pouring rain. But I continued to keep an open mind.

Two days after the interview, I received an offer. I was surprised by my positive reaction to the opportunity. Two weeks later, I attended New Hire Orientation. And two weeks after that, I was in my new apartment.

What I’ve learned from this experience is, the less you doubt and the more you trust in life, it can give you the answers you need.

Austin, Texas. February, 2014. 


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