Cheating on FujiFilm?

The FujiFilm Finepix has been my go-to camera for over a year. I’ve had a love affair with this camera. I’ve gotten used to its fixed lens, manual settings and quirkiness. The picture quality is beautiful and vivid.

In February, before I set off on my month-long Airstream, I asked my photography mentor, Keith Skelton, about the next level camera for me. Meaning, what would be best for landscape photography (and shooting the quick movements of Butters?) He recommended a few cameras and Nikon was one of them.

I have always had an affinity toward Nikon. There was a brief period in my life when my Dad left the United States to work for Nikon back in Korea. A former boss recruited my Dad. He didn’t want to leave his family but the he wanted to earn a better living than he was here in the States. My Dad’s stint was short lived but I know my Dad was happy during that time. He traded in his manual labor jobs in San Francisco to put on a suit and tie. I think he would have stayed in Korea longer but given we immigrated to the US for a reason, moving the family back to Korea wasn’t feasible.

Getting this camera was another way for me to honor my Dad. I purchased the Nikon D7100 a week ago. I tested out the camera yesterday and took a lot of photos. Here are the results.

Please click on the image for detail. I haven’t retouched these. Let me know what you think. (Please click on the images below for more information.)


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