Streamlining for Airstream: Day 5

Downsizing doesn’t just mean getting rid of tangible stuff. It also requires making psychological space by getting rid of unnecessary thoughts and emotional traps. My thought processes are too convoluted to even begin writing about it. This is even more reason why I need to flush them out.

In the past, my dissertation chair has told me, if your thoughts are not clear, the words you write won’t be clear either. There is absolute truth in that statement.

I flipped through old photographs yesterday. Photos from the past half-decade of my life that mark significant shifts. There were highs, lows and significant changes I’ve gone through. But the one constant has been my unrelenting desire to write, explore and connect with the bigger world.

I’m clearing my head and letting go of the confines in my mind. And making space for boundless thoughts.

Photo of Airstream Bambi: dry camping along the Olympic Peninsula, Labor Day weekend, 2014.


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