Room with a view

You may be wondering what it’s like for the four of us to be traveling in a 19 foot trailer. The Airstream Bambi is marketed as 19 feet but in actuality, 3 feet is the hitch. In other words, we have 16 feet of “living” space. I don’t know the exact square footage inside… perhaps it’s less than 80 square feet? I don’t really know, but the surprising thing is, it never feels cramped. Maybe it’s the fact that we get along well or we’ve learned how to make the space count. Maybe it’s because I love to organize and enjoy putting things back in their place. One thing I’ve realized is that I’ve brought too much stuff on board. I’ve probably over-prepared. But the main reason is, while I’m on this extended road trip, I’m also moving cross-country and will need some things as soon as I get to NY (extra clothing, writing materials, books). I’m sure there was a better method to traveling and moving to the other side of the country, but I’m still learning.

All I know is that we have everything (and more) with us. I feel a sense of abundance.

I don’t think I will ever feel confined during this trip because all I have to do is look outside.

Boondocking near Snyder Hill, Tucson, Arizona.


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