Blending in.

29 days on the road… Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and now we’re in Louisiana. I had to start keeping track of places where Jay and I have camped. We’ve not stayed in one type of place. We camped in state parks, RV parks, the desert and occasionally on a quiet residential street or an expansive Wal-Mart parking lot. One time, on our way toward Santa Barbara, we pulled over into a truck stop. I’m sure it was an odd sight to see little Airstream Bambi parked among the dusty 18-wheelers.

What I love most about this journey is not knowing exactly where we will end up sleeping. I know that may sound a little strange but unless we are heading toward a busier city San Antonio or New Orleans, there is no need to have an exact idea until you get to the city you want to sleep over in. I feel fortunate to have access to multiple resources: RV travel apps, veteran Airstreamers and RVers who have already traveled these roads, a 700-page PDF file with listings of boondocking locations, the list goes on and on.

I purchased Airstream Bambi two years ago and when I think back to all the excursions, I believe they were preparing me for this coast-to-coast journey. The worries I used to have when I first started out no longer scare me. I feel good about backing up into most spots. I know how long I can drive without wearing myself out. I know how much space to give myself so I can make tight turns in fuel stations. I know how much water it takes to cook a meal and wash the dishes. I know the landscape is unpredictable; I’ve seen it change dramatically in a matter of a few minutes.

To date, I’ve logged thousands of miles. As long as I keep collecting miles, I’ll continue to learn.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity. And I need to keep reminding myself… because it’s easy to forget when you’re in the midst of something good.

Boondocking in Marfa, Texas.



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