Birmingham: Part One

“Why didn’t you tell me I was going to meet two of the most awesome people ever?” That’s what Jay said. He was referring to Todd and Charles. I wasn’t very descriptive about the duo prior to Jay meeting them. I said they were great and that I’ve known them a long time. But I guess I couldn’t find specific ways to define them in any way.

Jay and I spent three (full) days in Birmingham hanging out with Todd and Charles but it felt like a lifetime. Not because the experience was tedious in anyway. Rather it was jam packed and left me exhausted.

I first met Todd and Charles at the Floating Island Writer’s Workshop, led by bestselling author, Kim Sunee. Even though I took this workshop in 2009, Kim’s two friends, Todd and Charles left an impression on me that has endured through these years. Once you catch Todd’s southern drawl in your ear, you can’t get it out of your head. Charles’ stories about his life leaves you shaking your head and saying, “…and then what happened?” When the two of them start telling a story, it feels a little like driving up a curvy road, 5,000 feet up, with no guardrails. They are master storytellers who have enough material to fill a library.

I am convinced that Todd and Charles need a reality TV show. In fact, I learned that Charles almost made the cut for one. The only reason he didn’t make it on is because he pointed out a typo – and as a result insulting – whoever was running the show.

Going back to Jay’s question about why I didn’t tell him much about Todd and Charles before meeting them… there are no words to describe the two. You have to experience their energy, their generosity, their charm in person to understand.

Charles (left) and Todd (right). 

Todd & Charles

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