Simple Living

I hit a wall. By the time we reached the Virginia visitor center, I looked at Jay and the dogs and felt at a loss. I didn’t know where else to navigate to. I had planned to visit DC before ending up in NYC but mentally and physically, I couldn’t do any more sightseeing.

The thought of moving in with Jay and the dogs, getting set up comfortably into a new space, working on my research proposal to complete my PhD and getting acclimated back to NY living, made me feel overwhelmed. I wasn’t prepared to go back to reality yet.

In 48 days, I experienced so much. Jay and I grew closer, we laughed hysterically, we saw things we never thought we would see and we ate really well. But there were moments during the journey when I was so busy trying to figure out next steps that I didn’t think about my Dad. I started this trip on my Dad’s birthday to commemorate his life. When I stopped to remember him during this trip, I thought how much he would have loved this trip.

Jay and I set up camp in Virginia for a couple of days to prepare ourselves for the last leg of the journey. We had DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and NYC (our final destination) left. Our last night before towing Bambi to storage, we camped on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border. That night, I looked around the silver cocoon and was hit with emotions. I cried in Jay’s arms. Jay asked what was making me cry. At the time, I thought I was crying because the trip was ending. But now, as I reflect back on that moment, I know those tears were for something else.

I miss my Dad. I also have a greater appreciation for him. He was a man who treasured simple moments. He spent most of his time reading, no matter where he was. He loved going on car rides… it didn’t matter where, as long as he was in motion. I know that my sense of wanderlust comes from him. I have known this all along.

This time, while traveling, what I’ve learned is how to live life. Apa didn’t have wealth but he had peace of mind.

My reality doesn’t have to be complicated. I sometimes make my life more complicated than it needs to be. There are and will continue to be many distractions in life.

I will add one more thing to my list of what matters most: simplicity. It’s probably the hardest thing to attain in this life but my Dad lived it… I got glimpses of it during this trip and I want to make it part of my every day living.

Chippokes Plantation State Park, Virginia. 



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