I spend the weekdays pushing my way through the crowded subway and weaving through midtown foot traffic. As I stand on the subway platform, I sometimes stare into the filth-ridden subway tracks and wonder about what sort of NY pizza-eating rats and strange things are lurking around. When commuting, I’m in an in-between state of not being there and being there. I think, for my own sanity, I have to disconnect from the people and noise around me. Otherwise, I know I’ll get overwhelmed.

As a former California resident, I know that being stuck in car traffic can be rough. A big difference is that being in the safety of your own sanitized car, is far better than standing half an inch away from someone who just sneezed without covering their mouth.

In October, I squeezed in an Airstream Bambi trip to get far away from the daily chaos of living and working in New York City. This was the first time we stayed in a New York State campground. North-South Lake campground is near the Catskills and it’s no wonder the state campsites are booked throughout the year. Our campground was worth the wait. Between the falling leaves and the crisp autumn air, I felt renewed and comforted. I felt as though we were in a safe space, a quiet and peaceful environment without the world intruding upon us.

During that weekend, we entertained ourselves by watching the firewood burn for hours. We took a few hikes into the woods with Butters and Rosie. At night, we listened to the sounds of leaves drop onto the roof of the trailer and thought it was raining.

It seemed like the perfect weekend to just be…

As the end of the year approaches, I’ve been thinking about these questions that seem to resurface every few years.

What makes me feel fulfilled?
What makes me feel connected with the world?
What helps me to feel in the moment?
How do I want my life to evolve?

Maybe some of the questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

Or could it be that the answers to these questions will take my entire lifetime to answer? I guess this is why we wake up every day and get out into the world.

Bambi fire Butters Jay

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