The unique thing about living in New York City is the constant activity, surrounding us daily. This can enliven, but it also drains the spirit. I recently looked at a map that highlighted the level of noise pollution in New York and its boroughs. Most of the city lit up. There was hardly a spot on the map without some noise pollution.

Now that we’re in the woods, far away from cars, people, garbage trucks… all I hear is my own breathing. Once in a while, when Butters or Rosie jump off the bed and onto the trailer floor, I mistakenly think it’s the upstairs neighbor’s three-year-old stomping… this instinctively makes me reach for the broom so I can bang on the ceiling. I know this is not a normal way of living,

To feel a sense of normalcy, I hitch up the Airstream and head into the woods. The hectic world no longer exists when we’re inside the trailer.

We need to do this more often.

So we can sit, stare, and listen to our own breath.

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  1. Yeah, I don’t know how you do it. I’ve only been into NYC a couple of times. The first time all I could think about was how constant the noise was. And this was before I was full-timing. It would probably drive me crazy now. If I hear a plane fly over, I get on edge. OK, maybe it isn’t that bad, but a city? That’s something I couldn’t handle after learning what it really can be like. (famous last words)

    • I don’t know how I do it either. I tend to drown out the constant noise. I’d trade the “excitement” of the city for peace and quiet anytime. That’s my next goal… to find a home that’s quiet and away from everyone.

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