On my second day at the Canyon Ranch Spa, I took a 90 minute yoga class…I’ve not taken yoga in over a year.  And one that began at 7:00 am was even more ridiculous.

The class was held in the yoga dome, with its sparkling wood floors and beamed ceilings. We were surrounded by trees, and the soft voice of the instructor guided us through poses.  There was something endearing about her.  She was optimistic and encouraged us to complete the poses, no matter how difficult or painful it was at the moment.  After a challenging sequence, she would say, “Feel the joy.”  Three simple words making up a powerful phrase.

It’s easy to forget the benefits of yoga.  And for me, it’s not so much about stretching, it’s the act of completing difficult poses that feel impossible until you reset your mind and convince yourself you can do it.

It is a good lesson on how we should live life.  We should seek out opportunities where we push ourselves out of the comfort zone and give ourselves kudos for doing so.

And once you’ve accomplished what you thought you couldn’t, you say to yourself, “Feel the joy.”

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