“Yes, I’ve gotta have faith…”

Sang George Michael. He continued singing about lover boy blues and touching bodies. Well, that’s not the faith I’m referring to. I am talking about faith in myself; having faith in the decisions I make.

Today, I described my Airstream Dream to my friend Liz. I explained this vision and told her I was close to pulling the trigger on what appeared to be the ideal one. Her response, “What’s stopping you from moving forward?”

Stumped, I didn’t have an answer right away. All I could think about was the Airstream taking me down a path different than what I had ever imagined. The path will take me to new sights and I will have opportunities to learn and write about the Asian American experience.

Am I ready for it? The answer from my gut told me: YES.  Go for it.

As I drove back home, I called the dealer and said, “Let’s DO THIS.”

A few weeks from now, Butters and I will make our way to SoCal and attend RV driving school, learn the functions of the Bambi, hitch her up and drive her back toward NorCal.

In the meantime, I want to thank my Aunt and Uncle who checked out Bambi for me. Thank you Michelle and Ken at Airstream Los Angeles who facilitated the buying process by answering all of my questions and easing my concerns. Also thanks to Diana for checking out last week’s RV show with me. And thanks to Liz for pushing me to have a little more faith in me.

My 2008 Airstream Bambi (International Series – Christopher C. Deam interior)

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  1. i wish i could click on "loves" (instead of "likes") 100xs over! you are truly living your dream! XOXO for being so courageous and taking one step. 😉 love you yon!

    • Thanks John! Right after you and I talked, I came across the 2008 and saw it as a sign. These are difficult to come by.

  2. Yon, you and Butters are so Kool! We enjoyed meeting you and getting to spend time with you! Remember we are here if you need anything. And we hope you will stop by again next time you are in the area. Next time we will do a BBQ!!
    Michele & Ken

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