Nature and Nurture

I’ve read that having a blog requires daily maintenance. Meaning, you need to keep it up. And because there isn’t such a thing as Blog Viagra, it’s up to me to stay disciplined and consistently write. Actually what I read was that you need to nurture the blog, as if it were a garden. Flowers and vegetables need consistent care and so does a blog. Herein lies the dilemma. How can I write on a daily basis if I’m not on a Bambi road trip? The last thing I want do is make daily diary entries:

“Dear Diary, Today, I went to the store and bought milk. I looked for the milk that was in the back of the row to extend the shelf life. But to my surprise, the dates were the same.”

How boring (and annoying) would that be?

Yesterday, I wrote about living closer to my aunts and uncles. Today, I am grateful for having eaten homemade Korean food at my aunt’s house for the past two nights. My aunt made a red hot, delicious Kimchi stew…its spices still burn in my mouth as I type. This aunt is a cooking whiz and undefeated Iron Chef of the family. Recipes and measurements are not part of her vocabulary. She can pinch, scoop, stir and whatever dish she makes comes out perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. My aunt also grows her own vegetables: Bok Choy, tomatoes, lettuce or properly known as “Ssam.” Koreans use this to wrap rice, meats, Kimchi, sprouts. All I know is that David Chang would be jealous of this vegetable garden. Luscious greens wait to be plucked.


My aunt and uncle have a large backyard for their two vegetable gardens. It’s also a good space where Butters and I can run around work off (my) dinner.


Today was a lovely day. And I hope to keep this up: finding moments of joy to write about.

This Butters and Bambi blog is about exploration and connecting with others. So why wouldn’t I write about connecting with my own family?

Consistent water, nutrients, light creates a bountiful garden.

Showing up each day in front of my laptop, music in my ears, photos loaded, ready to write…this process makes me blossom…emotionally.


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