Where am I?

I woke up this morning and wondered for a split second, “Where am I?” The room was toasty and the vertical blinds fought to keep the sunlight out. And then it dawned on me that I was in a new place…again. Shame on me but I haven’t written since March 27th.  (Actually, I’ve written, but the things I’ve written about are not for public consumption…just yet.)  

I’ve not taken the Bambi (nor my parents) out on the road lately. This is not because the last trip with Umma and Apa did not go well. In fact, that particular trip went surprisingly well and dare I say…it was even pleasant.  

 The reason I haven’t written is because soon after the Shasta excursion, my family experienced a medical emergency, an unexpected relocation and then feverishly settled into a new home 100 miles NE of San Francisco. Why would we be 100 miles NE or SF? The intent was to be closer to my aunts and uncles who graciously offered to look after my ailing and aging parents while I’m on the road.  So there it is. My quick summary of why I haven’t written. Frankly, I think these are reasonable excuses for not turning in my homework.   

The last time I hitched Bambi was when I moved her from the old storage facility to the new one just 5 miles from where I live. Logistically, it’s convenient for me to hitch and tow away. Although Bambi’s sweating because where we’ve moved to is hot.  A friend said it accurately, “You’ve moved to the surface of the sun.” I hope Bambi will forgive me for opting for outdoor storage instead of indoor storage. But my thought is, the whole point of having an Airstream is to be out on the road as much as possible, not storing the thing in a facility. Ok, maybe that’s just me trying to rationalize why I am neglecting Bambi. But never fear, it turns out I need be in Santa Barbara for work in a few weeks. On a very busy Memorial Day travel weekend, I’ll wake up and think, “Where am I?” and realize I’m in the self-contained, silvery cocoon. 


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  1. Where indeed? Geography notwithstanding, from a writing perspective you are back in the saddle. And your readers rejoice.

    • TC: I’m so thrilled to have you join me on this new journey. It wouldn’t be the same without you (and your witty, sometimes pithy comments. 🙂

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