Miami, Santa Barbara, Mono Lake, Bodie, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe: I have visited and documented these places over the past eight weeks. I traveled for work, a photography workshop and a family vacation.

I’m grateful to have shared my experiences with you via Instagram, Twitter and through these blog entries. By the way, I’m thrilled to receive “likes” or comments on my posts. Publishing a post and getting immediate feedback: it’s like a drug, or better yet, rich, dark chocolate sauce oozing over creamy vanilla ice cream.

This addictive feeling brings me back day after day. Even if I don’t want to write, I show up at my desk and reflect upon experiences to write a meaningful message or a funny story or share a unique photo with you.

Thank you for your support.

Because of the encouragement I receive from many of you, I will now steer myself down a different road.

I have a big change coming up. Next week I begin my transition out of full-time “employee” status. I will release myself from the golden handcuffs to become a free agent. I will choose the projects I want to work on and be selective about how I spend my time.

I know this independence will come at a price. No more (perceived) stability, benefits, vacation pay, a predictable routine. The upside is dedicated time to continue with my doctoral work, writing and “road tripping with a dog named Butters in an Airstream Bambi.”

Right now, I don’t know all the details but I know I will figure it out along the way.

Right now, I am trying to see the forest for the trees.

Forest for the trees

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