Driving on I-5 in the middle of summer left me with a dead bug collage on the front end of my Touareg. On Saturday, I had an overwhelming desire to jet spray the car down. So before I left Santa Barbara, I pulled into a local gas station with a drive-through car wash. It was the type where you sit in your vehicle while a machine rolls over, shoots water and soap, then rinses everything off.

Since it was the weekend, other cars were in line before me. The Touareg idled. I sipped hot coffee. I thought about the day before when I walked out of my office building as a newly minted free agent.

As of Friday, I am no longer working full-time. This isn’t because I want to slack off. It’s to focus on my PhD work, do research, write, travel with Butters & Bambi.

My years in Corporate America have been a fabulous, out of control, roller coaster of a ride. I am thankful to have met some of my best friends while working in large companies. I vow to stay in touch with those of who have touched me.

I bid farewell to that part of my life.

I say hello to a new life.

With each new beginning comes a cleansing of sorts. Mine happened that day.


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