A friend of mine suggested I take some time and sit in my Airstream. She said not to go anywhere but just sit and plan my month long trip.

So I packed up my books and headed to where Bambi is stored.

I sat in silence as I sketched out my route.  There are hundreds of sites to choose from within the states I’ll visit.

While I highlighted and tagged pages, the owner of the storage place stopped by with his 90-pound Golden Retriever, Hank. I told him I was taking a month long trip and described my route. He offered to pump up my tires and check for potential cracks before my trip. This is what happens when you’re a traveler. Someone is always willing to assist.

I tend to be in my head a lot. Call it OCD or unfortunate characteristics of a planner. Being in my home office for extended amounts of time does not help me to get out of my head.

What I realized about being in the Airstream space is that there is a great big world out there to explore.

And this girl, her dog, her camera, her books and a few friends along the way will help connect to a much larger space.


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