In February of 2013, I drove to the Los Angeles area to pick up something quite large.

I picked up a 3,500 pound aluminum encased trailer. It was shiny and beautiful.

I named the trailer “Bambi.” It was easy to name since a single-axle trailer model is called Bambi.

On my drive down to LA, I was consumed with “what if” questions. What if I don’t like it in person? What if I can’t figure out how to hook it up to my car? What if I made a mistake? What if I’m stuck with something I will regret later? And then I got to the showroom. I saw Bambi’s curved silhouette. I opened the door, stepped into the cozy space and I knew. Bambi was mine and would be a vehicle to self-discovery.

Right now, I’m in a fragile state and every part of me is raw from grief. And because I feel this way, I’m trying to go back to this moment: when I saw Airstream Bambi hitched up to my car; when I felt empowered, strong and hopeful.


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  1. It is quite natural and understandable that you are still feeling raw from grief. But that feeling, while possibly predominant at this moment, may temporarily obscure but absolutely does not nullify that you are intrinsically empowered, strong and hopeful. One might say that you are forever hitched to those most admirable characteristics.

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