Trust and you will find…Mecca

Some of you know I love to make plans. I like schedules, outlines, timelines…project management. There’s a level of comfort when I follow a plan. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross off items on a checklist.

But as you know, the month of February was not about plans but instead, it was about trust and exploration. I had a hazy vision of where I was going: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. I didn’t have advance reservations at campsites or very clear routes. I had a 700 page PDF that listed areas for free and paid camping sites along with access to Thousand Trails and Good Sam’s with RV campsites.

After spending a weekend in Santa Barbara, I headed toward Los Angeles to pick up two very special surprise guests, Jay and Rosie. Rosie is a friend of Butters and Jay is a man I adore to pieces. Having guests was not part of the original plan. I was thrilled when I found out (sort of last minute) I’d be picking them up.

The four of us made our way down toward the Salton Sea. In my small notebook were directions for a free campsite deep in the canyons. The directions were filled with abbreviations that made little sense. When I followed the vague directions, we ended up on a primitive road that could have easily taken us off road and into a ditch. The Touareg and Bambi shook violently as we made our way down this road. I wondered if I would get a flat, Bambi would detach or a boulder would come rolling down, Indiana Jones-style and crush us all.

The sun began to set and I hoped for the best believing that whoever camped in this spot before me paved the way so I could benefit.

We drove for miles along the rugged and dusty road which eventually led us to an area that resembled the moon.

When I stepped out, I felt as though I had landed in a sacred place.

Mecca, California.




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  1. That was the moon; the instructions told you to make a left at Riverside and instead you went right…so much for plans. At least you made a safe landing.

  2. Great post! And sweet location. Been through there many times over the years (Mecca) and seen some pretty sweet dry camp sites! Looks like you found an awesome one.

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