Friends…how many of us have them?

Do you remember this song from the 80s? “The dictionary doesn’t know the meaning of friends” said Whodini. This song got stuck in my head today.

I thought about my friends..scattered all over the US and internationally.

My definition of a friend is someone who shows me some kindness by taking the time out of their busy lives to connect by phone, text, email or even social media. These seem like simple things but in reality, it all means so much to me. To me, these are gestures of love.

I think back in December 2010, when I moved to Santa Barbara for a job. I didn’t know anyone so I’d walk the beaches alone for hours.

Was I lonely during the first months of being in a new city? No, I never felt that way because I felt the love of friends from afar. I also felt a sense of security because I knew there would be new friends around the corner.

So, I just want to take a moment to let you know…even though don’t see you or talk to you every day, the thought of you makes me feel loved.

Thank you.

Photo taken on East Beach, Santa Barbara, January 2011.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this profound and eloquent sentiment. Rest assured that you are loved, even if takes 10 days for some of your friends to produce the aforementioned simple gesture of connection. Blushes for TB! Although, in this case, I can attest that what I may lack in timeliness, I can more than make up for in sincerity.

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