I woke up from a daze last week.

Only I didn’t know I was in a daze. This feeling I had…I thought it was just part of transitioning into a new city.

When I moved to Seattle 90+ days ago, I was in manic set up mode: learn the streets, figure out the work situation, find storage for Bambi, locate a grocery store, get Butters into doggy daycare, unpack, deal with the rain, exercise. I was in survival mode prompted by modern day stressors.

Each day I woke up, I struggled to gain a sense of clarity.

I mean, I know what my long term vision is but sometime between the month-long Bambi trip and a few weeks ago, I lost my direction.

I felt disconnected from myself. And my only remedy was connecting with friends and loved ones regularly. But the more I talked, the worse I felt. I didn’t see a way out of the dark hole I was falling into. I tried hard to problem solve but felt like I was getting nowhere.

Over the years, I’ve attended photography workshops with Keith Skelton. In his workshops, I learned about waiting for the shot. Keith taught us to position ourselves in the right spot and just wait. We might be waiting for a person to walk into the frame, a bird may fly overhead or the sun may change the sky from blue to pink in a matter of minutes. Whatever it is, it requires patience and being in the moment and letting go.

That’s what I did the other day.

I let go.

And the answers came to me.

Photo taken with Nikon D7100
Seattle, Washington

Seattle Skyline


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