Don’t you forget about me

It was my Dad’s birthday on April 9th. He would have been 77. Last year on that day, I made my move to Seattle with Butters and Bambi in tow.

This year, I’m on a trip to explore the United States.

After stuffing my things into a Pod last week, we made our way down the I-5 to spend time with my family in Roseville, California. There is not a whole lot in small town Roseville… lots of sun, mostly big box stores, some lakes and mountains nearby. The real draw for me is that some of my family lives there. Roseville is where I spent a year while my Dad was ill. I left the area a few months after he passed on. So for me to go back for an extended period of time, I struggled with a series of emotions.

I know I will forever miss my Dad. I know I will miss my Mom, my family and friends when I move out to New York.

When I told my Mom about the significance of taking a big trip on this day, she said, “Do it every year on your Dad’s birthday.”

As I stood at my Mom’s front door to leave, she asked me if I love traveling that much. I told her, “Yes.” And in my mind, I thought, ‘This is what I’m meant to do right now. If I don’t explore, I will never see what I’m made of. If I don’t see what I’m made of, I will never fully know myself.” I know there’s a trade off though. I am leaving behind loved ones and a sense of security.

And as this journey begins, all I can say is, don’t forget about me because I will always remember you.

Photo of Butters & Bambi in front of my Aunt’s house, Roseville, California.

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  1. Safe travels! I love your way to look at even the saddest of things as enriching. Today I woke up longing for a trip myself. I hope you find everything you want to find during that trip, and much, much more.

  2. Heading out on a trip every year sounds like a wonderful way to remember your dad. Like mine, he will be there with you in spirit throughout the entire journey. Safe travels!

  3. What a beautiful Gift! Wow, I didn’t know I shared the same birthday as your Dad, makes that day even better. Yay! Your moving back to NY. Maybe meeting up will be even more of a possibility:) I’ll still be in MA. If you venture out towards the north east part of your future home state and want to check out western MA, holler. We’ll be back on the land in June, back form Martha’s Vineyard. Happy Travels! and looking forward to more of your wonderful thoughts and words!

  4. “There’s a time for daring and there’s a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.”
    —John Keating, *Dead Poets Society*

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