Keep calm…

The journey from Seattle to Los Angeles has been hectic. The last 10 or so days were about seeing friends and family. While I didn’t get to meet with everyone I wanted to see in person, I’m grateful for the moments I had with those I care about.

These were important commitments along this journey. After all, if we don’t connect with those we love, what’s the point to a journey? For me to see, talk to, hug and laugh with actual, living beings was a treat. In the past 12 months, the majority of my closest relationships were hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles away. Without the few colleagues and friends in the Washington area, I would have been living in a virtual reality.

In 13 days, I moved out of my apartment in Seattle, and drove to NorCal to see my family and friends. Hustled down to Los Angeles to make it in time for Jay to celebrate his brother’s birthday. And in between all of that, I (obsessively) organized and reconfigured Airstream Bambi so we are prepared for our long haul out east. There are many things I need to accomplish during this trip. All of those things swirl around my head, resulting in moments of anxiousness. Is our route clearly laid out? Will I have time to write and read? Can I stop and take photos when the light is right? Is there enough electricity, water, food? I don’t really know. Sometimes, you can only prep so much.

As I write this post, I realized that so far, we’ve mostly driven south.

Today, we steer east… marking the “official” start of this cross country trip.

So I take deep breaths and step on the gas.

“Keep Calm and Carry On” was a phrased scheduled to be used in a series of propaganda by the Ministry of Information (formed by the British Government) to boost morale during WWII. The government were planning to use this particular phrase in anticipation of Germany invading Britain. Since this never happened, the posters were never published. Lucky for me, these posters were discovered later and became a commercialized phenomenon.

Photo shot on FujiFilm FinePix X100 in Airstream Bambi.

keep calm

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  1. I like that moment when, after all the obsessive preparation, I get out on the journey, and nothing can be prepared any more. I’ll have to do with whatever I have, it no longer depends on me, I can relax into the unknown, because there’s nothing else for me to do. I hope you have a good trip, and have enough of everything 🙂

    • Thank you, Tamara! You are right, I love what you wrote about doing with whatever you have. I think that’s the point of the entire experience. 🙂 I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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