The exciting and frustrating thing about road tripping is not being able to know exactly where you will end up and when. A number of situations can delay you.

As we prepared to hitch up the trailer and head toward Joshua Tree National Park from Los Angeles, we couldn’t find a set of keys to the Airstream. Our plan was to boondock at Joshua Tree and we needed to fill up the fresh water tank. The key to open the fresh water tank happened to be the one lost. We searched inside and outside the trailer for the yellow lanyard holding the set of keys. After sweating and getting frustrated, I gave up and called the nearby Airstream dealer. Airstream Los Angeles (the dealer I bought Bambi from) assured me they had extra keys for me.

We secured our belongings in the trailer, hitched up and headed to San Gabriel, CA. As we turned right onto Las Tunas Blvd, I had a flashback to the first time I purchased Airstream Bambi. At that moment, I was ecstatic and also terrified at the thought of what I had done. I drove the trailer off the lot and didn’t have a clue as to how my life would unfold.

Over two years later, my life has changed dramatically. The only constant has been my desire to explore, no matter what the circumstances.

Last night, we pulled into a Walmart parking lot in Indio, California. Since it took over four hours to get out of the Los Angeles area, we didn’t make it out to Joshua Tree. The beauty of traveling in a self-contained unit is being able to pull in almost anywhere and call it a night. The best thing about the Airstream experience is that no matter where I park, everything looks beautiful.

Photo shot with FujiFilm FinePix X100. Indio, California.

Indio, CA

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  1. That’s my home town…I know exactly how that pictures smells and feels. ❤ It was fate for you to be in Indio! Coachella Fest Weekend 2 is going on this weekend. 🙂 You should stay!

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