Year in Review

We’ve crossed over into the year 2017. How did your New Year’s Eve go? For me, there wasn’t a big party or champagne or confetti. Instead, I spent a quiet evening with loved ones (Jay, Rosie and Butters). I also spent time reflecting on the past twelve months and imagined what may be on the horizon.

I spent time completing a “Year in Review.” The end result is not the #bestnine photo collage that I’ve seen on my Instagram feed, but instead, it required sitting, thinking and writing all that I’ve done in 2016. The writing ritual began some time ago in the late 2000s when a wise confidant suggested I map out all that I’ve accomplished at the end of the year. The reason being, it’s easy to forget what my accomplishments were, when busy thinking about the New Year. Taking an hour or two to reflect on my personal and professional achievements is an important step so that I can move forward into the New Year. The end result is a visual of the many things (big and small) that have shaped my life so far.

I don’t need to post my “Year in Review,” because what I deem important in my life may not be important to others. The process is for my well-being. I hope that by sharing this, it will prompt one of you to take some time to think about the year and acknowledge all you’ve accomplished. After that, be ready to embrace the surprises that 2017 will bring.

Photo taken in Mecca, California. FujiFilm Finepix X100.


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