A dog named Lonnie

A couple of months ago, I found an injured bird in our backyard. After calling around to a few shelters, we were referred to the Burbank Animal Shelter. While waiting for the officer to come and rescue the bird, I started looking up dogs at the shelter where I adopted Butters.

Fast-forward to a few hours later, and we were filling out paperwork for a six-month-old, 7-pound mutt we named Lonnie from the Baldwin Animal Shelter.

On the card below, Lonnie’s age was mismarked as 7 years, not 6 months! 


Over the past few months, we’ve been getting this little fur ball acclimated to our home. The first day we brought Lonnie home, she didn’t care much for treats or toys. But within the week, she learned how to pull out all of the toys from the toy basket and throw them all over the house.

With each passing day, Lonnie learns how to become a dog among dogs. She picks up behaviors from Butters and Rosie. Lonnie has learned to play fetch. She sits and shakes for food. And while she’s not fully housebroken, it seems like she tries her best to control herself.

We love Lonnie.


As part of our traveling pack, Lonnie has to get used to the car. The few times we’ve taken her for a drive, she got car sick and threw up. At first, I thought she was one of those dogs that always got sick on car rides. This would be problematic for our long road trips. But something changed over the past few days. Lonnie went out with us for a few car rides, and she was completely fine.


I’m hopeful that she’ll soon learn how to be a road dog; just like her two sisters.

Butters (8), Rosie (11), and Lonnie (8 mos).

Butters Rosie Lonnie


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