Oh, it has been much too long. The last time I wrote was when our new pup, Lonnie, entered our world.

It seems as if I had abandoned this blog considering my last post was in August of 2018. Since my previous post, the world has changed, and there’s no need for me to state the specifics here. I’ve evolved too by starting my consulting business – one that had kept me busier than when I was a full-time employee.

There was another significant change in my life. We moved to be closer to my Mom, Uncles, and Aunts. I’m grateful that all of the necessary pieces lined up for Jay and me to make the big move. Being closer to my Mom has allowed me to reconnect with why I started this blog in the first place… so long ago. At the time, I wanted to capture the experiences of traveling in a trailer. But as the years passed, writing in a free-flowing manner gave me a sense of freedom and helped me feel whole.

As of today, I’m restarting this blog. It’s a place for me to tumble with my thoughts and gain some clarity.

I think back to the year 2013 when I first bought my trailer. I learned how to manage the “rig” by training myself. I wanted to be well-prepared so I could take my Mom and Dad on a trip.

Today, I came across this photo from a trip some time ago. Here, I was sitting across the compact dinette table. As I picked up my camera to take a picture, my Mom said, “In my lifetime, I didn’t think I would ever be eating breakfast sitting in something like this. Because of you, we are doing something out of the ordinary.” My Dad sat silent as a smile spread across his face.

Shasta, California, March 2013.

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