Sometimes I cheat.

Only because I think it’s faster and easier to get from point A to point B in a timely manner.

This is not always the case. Flying from NorCal to Santa Barbara is not straightforward. I’ve tried flying, driving and even attempted to make it through an 11 hour Amtrak ride.

When I travel, I often feel like Steve Martin in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” Airport delays, flight cancellations, long lines, standing spread-eagle while a machine scans you, topped off by being patted down by a woman wearing rubber gloves…it’s not my idea of a pleasant experience but sometimes there is no other option. And after each TSA molestation incident, I say to myself, I’m going to drive next time.

Once I’m buckled into the seat and the plane is in the air, I think about the mechanics and logistics of keeping tens thousands of planes flying on a daily basis. There are hundreds of thousands of people (and their baggage) on the move to every part of this world. I think about the massive coordination involved and it is mind blowing.

When traveling by air, it’s easy to complain about insignificant matters such as a smelly seatmate or getting delayed and missing your connection. But when I stop and think about our ability to see the world, visit loved ones or conduct business through air travel, it makes me appreciate the wonder of flight.


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