In recent years, my answers have been “Yes” or “No.”

I rarely say, “Maybe.”

I’m decisive when I want something: buying an Airstream, moving cross-country (twice), testing my luck by rescuing a dog from a shelter in Compton, leaving jobs I felt disenchanted about so I could pursue the unknown, starting over multiple times.

My decisions have stemmed from optimism and naiveté.

What I am learning now is there are many grey areas in life.

And I need to be comfortable in it. Life is nothing but grey.

Answers to situations will not always be clear or immediate.

With every sunset, there is one more unanswered question.

But I’m hopeful the answers will come with dawn.


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  1. Yon, you have done what a lot of us didn’t or couldn’t do, because we weren’t courageous enough to take a chance on the unknown. But it’s in taking those risks that we grow, and sometimes the decisions that seem to be the most risky are the best ones of all!

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