Roseville, CA

There was a year or so when I lived in Roseville, California with my parents. It was when my Dad’s health seemed uncertain. I was with them because I wanted to be there in case something happened.

We lived in an area with a mall and lots of big box stores. At times, it was hard for me to find inspiration. I worked remotely and didn’t have much of a social life.

But I was grateful to be near my Dad since we didn’t know how long he would be with us.

This morning, I went through some old photos from 2013. I was looking for pictures of my Dad. I came across a set of photos I took. The thing about looking at old photos is that sometimes they take you back to how you were feeling the exact moment you took them.

One evening back in August, right before sunset, I took Butters for a walk up to a little spot away from the strip malls.

I faced the sun and watched it go away. To this day, I can remember how I felt waiting for the sun to go down… I was comforted knowing another day was coming.


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