How I got to The Times

It feels like I’ve been there forever. There’s something familiar about working at The New York Times. My colleagues, my boss, the building… it’s as though I’ve walked through those halls before. Perhaps I was there in a past life or in a dream.

December was action packed.

I flew to San Francisco to propose my dissertation research to my committee and recieved approval. Two years have gone by since my Dad left this world, and it was the first time my Mom and I spent an extended period of time alone.

Upon returning back to NY, Jay and I decided to move out of the studio apartment we were in. We loved the space but hated the upstairs neighbor who thought it was smart to place a subwoofer on his floor. After months of going back and forth with him and calling the police, we decided it was better for us to move. It turns out, we were able to find a great apartment in the same neighborhood that is bigger and has a yard for Butters and Rosie. Ultimately, the idiot neighbor did us a favor.

Then there was a matter of job hunting. I knew that at this point in my PhD program, I would need to start working. Coincidentally, a large pharmaceutical company reached out to me via LinkedIn about a global director-level role. I had several phone interviews with the VP to assess whether or not I should pursue the job. He graciously considered me for three different opportunities. The third position seemed most relevant to my experience and we scheduled for an in-person interview for early January.

While my mind was open to seeking out a full-time role, I signed up for LinkedIn’s premium membership. A bit of advice, if you are looking for a job, I would 1) highly recommend becoming active on LinkedIn and 2) sign up for the premium membership. It was through this membership that I saw an opportunity with The New York Times.

To my amazement, the job was exactly the type of role I wanted to have. I applied through LinkedIn and within a few days, I got a call from the Executive Director of Talent Acquisition. We had a brief conversation and over the course of a few months, I made my way through several face-to-face interviews at The Times.

My final interview in December was with the Vice Chairman of the company.

The week of Christmas, I got the job. The first Monday after 2016, I started working.

Each day, I look at the view of the West Side and wonder how I got here. I can’t pinpoint the exact path but I am grateful beyond words.

This photo below was taken in 2013… when I saw this building, I wanted to work there. I didn’t know how or when but that was a dream I dared to dream. 



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  1. My only issue with this great story is your promotion of LinkedIn Premium. I have been unemployed for 5 months and for 3 of those months I bought into the Premium sales pitch. I didn’t notice any difference in my account when it started or any difference when I finally ended it. LinkedIn has NEVER done anything to help me find a job either way. Plus the own, a company that I think practices the heinous act of ageism.

    • For me, having the LinkedIn premium account was one of many factors that contributed to me finding a job. I actively investigated their recommended job listings every week. I thought they were good about customizing the positions I might be interested in. The New York Times job came up that way. The posting was part of the weekly email. I would not have known about the opportunity otherwise. I’d also like to mention that the other factors contributing to where I am now are not as concrete and very unique to my situation. Some of it is timing, what I choose to include in my profile, and a mix of uncontrollable factors. We need all of the help we can get in life, whether personal or professional… and for this opportunity as well as the job with Microsoft, I got them both through LinkedIn. As I mentioned to you before, if you want to talk through your next steps, I’d be happy to help you, John.

    • Thanks so much, Doug. I’ve been wondering how things are going with you and your family. I appreciate you visiting and leaving a reply. I’m happy about this point in time of my journey. As we all know, nothing is ever permanent and I anticipate ups and downs along this onward journey. Thanks again for the support! 🙂

  2. We are all doing just fine. Since I have exited social media, I am relegated to communicating with Airstream friends through the comment sections on a blog. Just like you, I try to balance work and travel. I am looking forward to an exciting travel year and hope you have an opportunity to escape from the city in the Bambi. My niece is at NYU so I will send you a message if we are in the city.

  3. Congratulations, Yon! Very happy for you! Love the NY Times, and have always been a die-hard subscriber! What a great place to work… so happy for you!


    • Thanks so much, Eraj! I really appreciate you reaching out. Hope all is well with you! Let me know if you ever come into town… I’ll give you a tour of The Times. 🙂

      • Thanks, Yon! That is a great offer and I/we will definitely take you up on that soon! Great to be in touch with you!! 🙂

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