Scratch and sniff Bambi

I was at an RV Show today. Yes, a place dedicated to showcasing RVs.

Multiple dealers bring their RVs (usually display ones) and sell to the public. There were massive, $500,000 RVs and small $10,000 ones.

The dealer selling Airstreams was friendly and patient with me as I jumped in and out of the 16, 19, 20 and 22 foot trailers, closed, opened and touched all of the cabinets, doors, windows, and slid my hands across the cool aluminum.

I was curious and walked into a 27 foot, which felt like a mansion to me. While my car can tow up to…ahem…7700 pounds, I don’t need an Airstream that’s longer than 19 feet. Plus, anything above 22 is not categorized as a single-axle Bambi so I wouldn’t be able to maintain the integrity of this blog if I went bigger. So, I’ve narrowed down the size: to 19 feet.

I must now choose the interior: basic, a little fancy, fancier and fanciest. The fanciest has an “East meets West” palette whereas the basic is a no frills interior.  I would like something in between. A little bit of fancy suits me.

The International Signature model has recessed LED lights, espresso-colored cabinetry with frosted doors that cover the storage space. The interior is better than some apartments I’ve seen. But given that I would not spend all of my time inside the Bambi, does it matter if I have a Moen faucet that’s retractable?

While it was tedious, it was important for me to look, touch and lie around in as many models as possible. After all, this is a significant decision that goes beyond just the finances.  It’s a decision to commit to an unconventional lifestyle and I need to choose the right look and feel.

And wow, it felt so good.

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