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  1. Hi Yon. I have looked at your photos and hope that others realize they need to click on the referenced post to see them in large screen. These are lovely shots and I think you did great for learning a new camera. Not familiar with the 7100 but believe you are using the 18-105mm lens; I liked the photos taken at F8 or above. Could you take a photo at F8, 24mm, and at lowest ISO possible. Reshooting one of the same scenes would be a great comparison. I always like photos with early morning/late afternoon light. Maybe take one of Butters at 100mm. Yikes!! I would be interested in any feedback Keith gives you. Hope you are having fun on your weekend get away. Sincerely, Susan

    • Hi Susan! Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely play around with the combinations you recommend. Next time, I will take a few different combinations of the same subject. Definitely will try the Butters one at 100 mm!! 🙂 I feel like I just got used to the Fuji and now I’m shaking things up again but I think this camera will stretch my abilities some more. xoxo, Yon

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