Forgive me Father (of writing) for I have sinned.

I consider myself a “writer” yet make elementary mistakes embarrassing myself, Butters, Airstream Bambi, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, (Amy) TanA missing comma here and there…well, that’s ok. Using “an” when I meant to use “and” is just plain silly. The use of the word “not” instead of “now.” Not ok!

I’m not (yes, I meant to use it here) trying to make excuses but here are a few anyway:

1. I write at the end of a long day.

2. I might need new glasses.

3. My laptop screen is small.

4. I shouldn’t lie in bed when I write. 

5. I don’t proofread enough.

All of these elements can be a recipe for disaster, especially when conducted late at night. And in the morning, as I re-read my flawed post, I walk the walk of shame.

How I do I remedy this problem? I’ve thought about this and here are potential solutions. 

Get a good night’s sleep and then write in the early morning. 

If at all humanly possible, take a power nap.

Avoid being stuck all day in front of a screen. Be sure to get outside and walk.

Use the tools and resources available to me.  Especially if they have a turquoise cover.

Run…get the blood circulating to clear my mind. 

Stop, reflect, take notes. Don’t race against the clock when I write.

Forgive myself for the mistakes I make and realize that this is part of the learning process.

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  1. I salute your high standards but mostly concur with the sentiment in the final comment & photo. From a writing quality perspective, your mug is way more than half-full.

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